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Efficient treatment of prostate cancer with phytochemicals from citrus genus

Current treatment of prostate cancer includes surgery, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy. These methods are only effective for some patients but with strong side effects, such as much reduced sexual desire or performance. Natural substances such as polymethoxyflavones (PMFs) found in citrus peels possess strong anti-cancer properties. In the global market, there are a few products derived from citrus peel extracts. However, the potential health application of a citrus peel product from Miyauchi Citrus Research Center of Japan has prompted investigation into its efficacy in prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. We have found that the natural compounds from citrus peel can effectively prevent the tumor growth at a lower dose and also effectively shrink or eliminate the tumor at higher dose in a nude mice xenograph model. In this conference, we will also report some human data of how the citrus compounds reduce and cure prostate cancer in an extremely efficient manner. The anti-cancer activity of citrus peel compounds both in vitro and in vivo will be described in this presentation.

Dr. Shiming Li received his Ph. D at Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey, USA. He also holds a M. Sc degree in Chemistry from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA. Prior to his education in United States, he studies in the Chemistry Department of Nankai University and worked as an assistant professor at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. As a medicinal chemist and combinatorial chemist, he has worked in the drug discovery department of Johnson & Johnson, Inc., and Roche Inc., of which both are top 10 pharmaceutical companies worldwide. He has engaged in the new medicine discovering process for more than 15 years and also in many aspects such as the research and drug development of anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, anti-obesity and anti-inflammation, etc. Four years ago, Dr. Li transferred to WellGen, Inc., to discover new medical foods for controlling diabetes mellitus and anti-cancer using natural products. As a senior scientist and head of the natural product chemistry of WellGen, located in North Brunswick, USA, Dr. Li performed extensive research in the citrus peel compounds for anti-cancer activity and black tea polyphenols for anti-diabetic indication. His extensive collaboration with Miyauchi Citrus Research Center of Japan has resulted in the systematic mechanism study of anti-tumor activity of citrus peel product, particularly the in vivo study in treating and reducing prostate cancer, from which yielded two presentations in medicinal division of American Chemical Society National Meeting, one international patent, and publications. From the anti-inflammatory activity study of black tea polyphenols, a medical food product for reduction of diabetes complication is in development and four dietary supplements for joint pain, liver protection, immune defense and mental relaxation have been developed and marketed in USA market such as Amazon.com. In the meantime, one patent has been filed and three papers published as the results of his research. Currently, he is a vising professor in Rutgers University and consultant for WellGen, Inc., and DH Nutraceutical USA, Inc. Dr. Li has over forth publications and five patent application. He is also an author of many book chapters related to natural product research. Dr. Li’s research interest is the research and product development from the source of natural products in the use of functional foods and medicine.

<May 18, 2012>
Shiming Li, Michiko Suzawa.

Efficient treatment of prostate cancer with phytochemicals from citrus genus.

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<May 20, 2012>
Michiko Suzawa, Shiming Li.

In vivo anti-tumor activity of polymethoxyflavones from citrus peels.

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