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In vivo anti-tumor activity of polymethoxyflavones from citrus peels

The polymethoxyflavones (PMFs) found in citrus peels are a complex family of natural compounds reported to exert a variety of biological effects in vitro and in vivo including anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-hyperglycemia and anti-hyperlipidemia etc. There are a few marketed products whose major ingredients are from citrus peel extracts, including both oral and topical preparations. Even though the forms, applied dosages and the therapeutic claims of these products vary, efficacy is supported by both in vitro testing and preclinical as well as clinical trials. We found that a product from natural citrus peels is very efficacious in treating human cancers, including lung cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, stomach cancer etc. This presentation will describe our methodology and findings from the application of a citrus peel product, currently marketed as cosmetic use, on human cancers as well as the correlation between its content of polymethoxyflavones which has been accurately measured in our research laboratory and the effective dosage to warrant efficacious effects in treating human cancer.


Ms. Michiko Suzawa is the director of Miyauchi Citrus Reasearch Center, Japan. On behalf of the Citrus Center and the production director, Mr. Terry Nash, Director Suzawa gives speech about the health promoting benefits of their citrus peel product - Gold Lotion, which has been developed by Dr. Yutaka Miyauchi 34 years ago and is the first commercial product from citrus peel worldwide. Japanese former first lady, Ikeda, named the product as Gold Lotion, because it is 100% natural and the best skin protection product. To ensure the safety of Gold Lotion, Dr. Miyauchi sent the product to Huntington Research Center of UK in 1984 to prove its non-toxicity profile such as non-carcinogenicity, no photo-toxicity, no oral-toxicity etc both in vitro and in vivo. For the past 30 years, Dr. Miyauchi, together with her daughter Ms. Michiko Suzawa, has been dedicated to the application of this natural citrus peel product to human patients with various diseases, especially in treating different stages of cancer patients. 'Using natural substances to improve human health' has been Dr. Miyauchi and her Citrus Center's philosophy and the numerous in vivo data generated from this particular citrus peel product in treating human cancer and in improving human health have not only approved her philosophy, but also provided precious scientific knowledge of nature serving people and human health, which is of great importance. Because of her countless efforts in treating people's diseases and saving lives with natural substances and enormous contribution to preserve and improve living environment by using 100% natural and organic in the plantation and production of the citrus product, Dr. Miyauchi is the recipient of 2010 United Nation Award and the President award signed by President Obama in 2010.

<May 18, 2012>
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<May 20, 2012>
Michiko Suzawa, Shiming Li.

In vivo anti-tumor activity of polymethoxyflavones from citrus peels.

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