2008 Anti-Inflammatory Effects of our product – inhibiting the production of NO, TNF-α
At this presentation, regrettably could not identify the effective major compounds.

Presentation at 128th Japan Pharmaceutical
Conference in Yokohama

Anti-inflammation activities by Citrus Peel Extract (Gold Lotion)
T. Etoh1, Y. Kim1, M. Hayashi1, H. Komiyama2 , et al (Pharmaceutical section of Iwaki Meisei University1, Kitazato University2)

Peels of Citrus species contain various compounds, and many of those medicinal activities have been studied for years, and some of the major compounds have revealed their bioactivities. Gold Lotion made of six different citrus species contains many compounds from citrus genus and is expected to have bioactivities. Therefore, this study was performed to find GL’s bioactivities (especially anti-inflammation).

【Study results】
It was found that stimulating RAW 264.7 by LPS clearly produces NO and iNOS protein and TNF-α. Under this environment GL inhibited the production of NO and iNOS protein with concentration dependant. The further study indicated that GL also inhibited the production of TNF-α with concentration dependant. These results indicated that by GL’s inhibiting expression of iNOS decreases the production of NO. Further more GL is found to have anti-inflammation activity by decreasing the production of NO and inhibiting the production of TNF-α.
 “Anti-Inflammation” aired in Gunma TV evening news