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"Let food be thy medicine,
and medicine be thy food"

R&D History
World-wide  Citrus research
Yutaka Miyauchi

President of the company
Born in Ehime pref.
Hold  international patents rights.

Vice President
Reiko Nash

Director of Administration
Michiko Suzawa

Director of Operation
Terry Nash
Dr. Yasushi Okamura
Head of Okamura Clinic
Professor emeritus of Sangyou Medical School
Dr. Shiming Li
visiting Professor
Dept. of Food Science
Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey
Kanki Komiyama
Center For Basic Reseach
Science Center
 From one of Miyauchi's collection of engraved driftwood art
cited below is the meaning of her understanding of the poem by Saneatsu Musyanokohji.

“The path I am taking
Is the very path worth living
Hence I keep on walking this path”
“Try to live together in mutual
prosperity with the Mother Nature.”  
 —Y. Miyauchi

In 1933 I was born and nurtured in the very natural environment, absolutely nothing to do with today’s chemicals and technologies.  My parents owned the business along with orange mountains.  Since my father owned a vegetable and fruit market, naturally I became interested in natural things, not just fruits and vegetables – everything and anything existing around me – how's and why's.  I exist today because I kept my creed no matter how much technologies made our lives better and  more convenient.  I exist so that I can continue to teach what my ancestors learned from Mother Nature – the very basic of survival instinct under any environment we are set in. 

Mother Nature can change even geographical features to see fit or to simply destroy.  But we cannot lead our fate away from destruction no matter how sophisticated the technology becomes.  If it is the course of Mother Nature, it cannot be stopped.

We need rich soils to grow crops on the field.  Soils contain an abundance of minerals.  We need them for our survival. 
  Once "Young" and always "Will" be young

They were not provided so that we can study them to destroy us.  If we continue the destruction of ourselves, certainly we shall lose more than our share.  Loss shall be greater, beyond our imagination. 

Eating so called “instant food,” “microwavable,”; producing a large amount of crops with eventually harmful chemicals; hence, switching to water crops with less chemicals are not helping us.  None of them help us. 

These are not answers to our health problems we face today.  What we are facing today is more serious than most of the consumers realize, producing more and more new virus, newborns with less and less immunity in their systems.   No matter how hard every scientist studies, they cannot analyze all diseases; and the causes shall stay unknown. 

The spiral of studies and newly produced diseases will not get us any where.  We need to face the problems practically – something simple and every individual can do.  Teach the importance of Food.  Provide the safer food.  We must start now before it is too late to start.  The newly manufactured variety of fruit are too weak to survive without being supported by men although it usually takes 10 years to be improved. 

The produce with "improved" DNA, don’t even last long in the controlled environment or even on the market because people get bored with "improved" tastes.  Processed food with complex methods does not mean better for health, maybe convenient, but less effective than eating food by itself.  We all need to go back to the basic beginning – good old era – and re-think of what we are really required to do as a maker. 

We should not forget the abundance of what we are given, don’t destroy in the name of technology, rather find the way to live together and appreciate what we have, make the most of what we have.  My studies taught me we survived by the mercy of Mother Nature for many years and save many more years to come for our descendants.  As a maker, this must be the base of the development.